Business planning



Business planning is the backbone of every successful business. Having a strong SME business plan is crucial whether your small or medium enterprise who is trying to launch a new product or service.

You will be surprised of how many SME’s overlook their business plan consistency. In hiring an outside party to create your business plan, you will miss out on the important steps and involvement in this backbone of every successful business. It is not enough that you outsource this task to financial consultants. You should be at the core of this process. With TNI business planning services, you are the driver surrounded by experts who will guide you through these steps.

Coaching and Mentoring



Small and Medium entrepreneurs are the foundation of a healthy economy. Sadly, most of them lack the support and advisory model that exists to large enterprises. They cannot afford to hire outside consultants or engage with an advisory firm to help them answer important questions.
The National Incubator, has a wealth of resources, people, consultants and subject matter experts. We don’t claim we have all the answers. But our experts can help find the answers for your business and personal growth. Whether it is a simple financial question, a complex product design or even self enhancement goal, we will provide you with the right Mentor or coach to help you along the way.

We provide open to all Motivation sessions to help lift the small and medium entrepreneurs and give them that positive energy to help them gain that edge they need.




We have the space, the tools and the resources you need to host your business in an open friendly environment under one roof. No need to hire a secretary or buy a coffee machine. Save on huge upfront costs and use our business friendly environment. Once you are ready, we will help you move to your own location with our business office location services.





YES ! Small and medium crafts businesses can incorporate budget friendly ROBOTS in their small production lines. Whether it is Carpentry, Welding, Electrical or plastics we have the experts who can guide you into how you can incorporate latest technologies into your product making.
Ask for a one on one with one of our experts and we would be more than happy to assist you.

Business Support



Whether you need someone to answer you calls, book a simple appointment or handle a 300 person event. We have business support services that span across all areas your business might need.

Filing and Administration
• Company legal advisory
• Ministry services
• Corporate Graphics and Identity Design
• Accounting and Financial Advisory
• Human Resources and Personnel
• Procurement Management and Inventory
• Industrial Product Design
• Project management
• Product Launch and Marketing
• Social media and Website Management