Designed by international and local experts for Kuwait’s local market. This program is created to help craftsmen turn their expertise and visions into a real production line to fulfil a GAP in the local product’s demand and has everything you will need to create real value products based on local consumer demand. This TNI Proprietary program has three stages and all you need to bring is your will and your dream.


Build your own business plan, we start with a special Corporate and Vocational Workshop and Training program to help entrepreneurs Build their first and most important step in their business endeavor.
You will gain knowledge in every area you will need to start your Business. We will provide you with enough knowledge that will enable you to structure
you Finances, Operations, Legal and industrial aspects of your company.



This is the stage where you will upgrade your Crafts knowledge to include specific Machine Shop Technologies, Product Building, Robotics understanding and how use the right tools to make the right product.
You will understand standards, quality production and turn your skills into a profit making operations with Hands On Experience.
Nothing theoretical, during this stage you will see first hand your product coming to life and your dream becoming a sellable commodity with high standards while maintaining competitive low costs.



Now that your operation is about to begin, The National Incubator will assist you with implementing your business plan through an incubation period of 1-2 years, Providing mentoring support and expertise in the Areas of:
• Product Design and Build
• Administration and Operations Management
• Hiring and Human Resources
• Raw Material procurement
• Finished product marketing and Sales
• Accounting and Financial Management
• Legal Advisory and Contract Negotiations
• Participation in Industrial Events and Product
• Associations and Industry Partnerships