Built based on The National Fund for Small and Medium business requirements to provide Incubation services for all entrepreneurs. It contains services from pre-startup all the way to post incubation. It is rich with Lectures, Workshops, Service and Coaching to assist any entrepreneur turn his dream into a fully functional successful small and medium business.


During this Pre-incubation period you will undergo a series of Lectures and workshops to assist you build your drafts business plan. You will be provided with assistance to:
• Perform market and product research.
• Understand the company structures and licenses available
• Create a roadmap for your business
• Identify the proper incubation plan
• Create a draft feasibility study
• Draft your idea presentation and pitch


This is the main stage of the program
During this period your business will undergo major transformation and become a fully fledge real-time business. You will participate in special workshops, advisory meetings and several other support services to finalize all your business aspects You will complete the following steps:
• Create and submit your application to the National Fund
• Create and submit your final business plan, financial plan, Marketing plan and product development.
• Register your business with local authorities and start the incubation period.
• Obtain your Funding from National Fund or any other Funding resources available.
• Start Marketing your product.
• Operate your business and start enhancing all your operational cycles


This is the final stage of the program
During this period your business has been running and has proved itself in the local market. You will be provided with continuous business advisory and support services and get to participate in events related to your business area. You will have the following service available to support your business:
• Business support and Advisory services
• Business events and collaboration sessions
• Consulting and mentoring services